The Goblin Queen (redmeatmolly) wrote in oddlydreaming,
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Happy happy joy joy!

Yesterday I was having some messed up dream that I was Bam Margera's nanny/personal assistant... so we were always hanging out together. And yes, he and his girlfriend Jen were married in my dream, and had a kid. And I lived at his house. Anyways, one day Bam confesses to me that he's in love with me. We're in his bedroom getting ready to do the nasty, when he's like, "Oh shit! Jen's coming! HIDE!" So I crawled under the bed, and she came in. She was like, "I'm beat!" so she got into bed. When I made sure the coast was clear, I crawled out from under the bed. End.

Today I started dreaming about that creepy fucker Milton. I dreamed that he IMed me and told me that he saw what I wrote about him in my journal. I was embarassed and felt slightly bad. But then he just starts going, "I'd hit it!" again.
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