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They're playing your song.

These were so funny/strange that I had to post. I'm sure you all understand.

This morning I dreamed that I was in a slasher movie... I was going to a friend's house for a party, and we had all just started to show up. It was nighttime, of course. It was Halloween. So, we all started to show up at my girlfriend's house. There was about like, seven of us. Very small gathering, though there was plenty of sex, drugs, and booze. I started to roam around the house, when I found the body of one of my friends stuffed in the pantry. And then I turned around just in time to see another friend get stabbed right in the fucking head. I started running away, but there was the body of another friend blocking my path. I fell down in the blood, too. I eventually made it out of the house, even though the killer was still in hot pursuit. I was running down a long hill, and then I made it to the neighbors house. It didn't look like there were any lights on, but I kept pounding on the door, screaming for help. Then I woke up.

This afternoon I dreamed that my parents had converted our garage into a room for me. The whole room was empty except for my computer desk and computer. So I was surfing the Internet, talking to some girl who was like, "You're very curvy!" when I hear some loud noises coming from inside the house. So I wander inside, and suddenly everything goes all video game-y on me. Then I notice that zombies are attacking my family. I convieniently pick up a baseball bat that we just happened to have lying around... I started beating the shit out of those zombie scum right away. It turns out that the whole town was under zombie invasion. And for some reason, George Romero was there, and I was kicking so much ass, that he begged me not to kill him.
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