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Wheeee! The dream machine leaked it's magical juice into my head again!

I was having a strange dream the other night. I dreamed that I was at Daniel's house, waiting for him... his parents didn't know where he was at or anything. I walk in and there's all these guys sitting in Daniel's big den/computer room, watching some screwed up movie on a projector. This one guy pukes all over the floor, and for some reason I accidentally sit down in it. So now I'm feeling awkward because I'm in Daniel's house and he's not there, I also have puke all over my ass. I wander off to the bathroom, only to discover that Daniel's mom has switched the order of the rooms. The room where the bathroom was is now Zack & David's room. The room where Zack & David's room is now the bathroom. (Of course, somehow their new bedroom was much larger, and the old room was much smaller) But anyway, I accidentally left the boys' bedroom door ajar, and his mom got pissy with me. I went to the bathroom and whatnot, then decided to wait outside in the street for Daniel. For some reason, the exterior of his house looked like my uncle's house in Colorado. Anyways, I'm waiting outside in the street, when Daniel is fucking speeding toward me at like, 80 mph. I manage to get out of the way, but then he crashes right into the front of his house. I run up to the wreckage and start screaming 'Daniel! DANIEL! Are you okay?!' But I think he was dead. Then I woke up.

I also had a strange dream about villains running amok in some place like Gotham City. But these were just about the cheesiest, worst villains EVER. Period.

Then today I had a bad dream that Daniel and I were fighting again. Pooh.
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