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Just a bad penny.

I had a really convoluted dream this morning. I dreamed that I was in my house, and my dad brought home some kid that he works with (like he's always doing). I was sitting around, no make-up on, big t-shirt (which I'm wearing right now, oddly enough), sweatpants, you know... the usual. But this guy was really dweeby, so I wasn't concerned with impressing him. Then he starts talking to me about video games, and we really hit it off. (And for some reason, I was still in school in this dream, so bare with me) So he starts to pick me up from school every day. One day we end up going to Wal-Mart after school, and I was in my usual school clothes I tell him that I wanna pick something up and change clothes in there really quick. So I go inside, and this preppy girl I used to go to school with way back in Kansas is shoplifting hair dye and make-up. The stupid store manager decides to follow me around however, just because I look like a shady character. I told the manager that the other girl was shoplifting, and to check the fucking cameras. The manager just nodded at me, and I went to change clothes. I ended up going out to the parking lot and getting back into the dude's car. I was wearing a tiny black skirt, fishnets, combat boots, and a black t-shirt with a white skull on it. He was just like, "Uhhh... uhhm... *drool*". Then we went driving around for some reason.

Then I woke up with the covers kicked off me and my knees up to my chest. Don't you hate that? ..Or am I the only one that wakes up shivering in a fetal position?
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