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Love's the funeral of hearts.

I was having some really weird dreams.

I dreamed that Jack White was on like, every TV channel, talking about this drug addiction problem he has. He was talking about his cocaine addiction or something. Hahaha. I was like, "Dude, what the fuck is Jack White doing on every single channel?" And my mom's like, "Oh yeah, didn't you know? He's totally a drug addict." He probably is, too.

I also dreamed that some guy in HIM killed himself, and so another guy in HIM took a huge overdose of heroin on purpose. I was so shocked. It was all over the news and the radio. Ville Valo was on TV giving a statement, and I was like, "Oh fuck, man." I actually cried about it in the dream. I was secretly hoping that Ville wouldn't go off the deep-end and do something drastic, but I was also like, "Oh my God! How can they replace the great line-up?!" It was completely screwy.

I then dreamed that there was a little midget girl who kept insulting me, and eventually made me cry. I guess I should have looked where I was going, because I kept tripping over her. Hahaha. Damn short people.
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