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Join me in death.

I had some terrible dreams. My jealous streak is really getting the best of me. I should probably be in therapy for it alone.

I had a dream that my family was sitting in my living room, watching Faces of Death for some reason. It wasn't even that graphic, but it still weirded me out. I mean, it wasn't any Faces of Death that I'd ever seen, you could tell it was something that my imagination had come up with. But it was like, "Whoa! Jared shouldn't be watching this! He's only ten!"

I also dreamed that I went to California to visit Heatherface, but all I wanted to do when I got there was sit on her computer and talk to Daniel. Hahaha. Sadly, I can see that happening. Anyways, in the dream, Heather was really pissed. Finally, she had to go get on her parents computer and IM me just to get my attention. That's horrible.
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