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"How can I help you?"

I was having some dream that Daniel and I went to some crappy little thrift shop in the town I was raised in Kansas. There were a lot of books there for cheap, so I was just randomly grabbing things. Suddenly, real life logic came into dream logic, and I remembered that yesterday at Pizza Hut I left a tip, and I rented a video for my family, so I didn't have any bills. I only had a buttload of change. I was hoping that I had two dollars and fifty cents in change to pay for my books, but figured that Daniel would help me out, until he says, "I'm broke as Hell." We found a secret room in the thrift shop that was some sort of shrine. There was a bed, and all these old perfume bottles, etc. We were like, "Oh shit, what the fuck?" Then Daniel says, "Hey, maybe we should lock the door and fuck." I started to say that it sounded like a good idea, when the flamboyantly gay proprietor of the shop showed up and told us to get out, that it was his dead mother's room. Then an awkward silence fell over us all. We just stood there for a few seconds, and then the guy says, "Well, I might as well show you around." It turns out that he has some weird bondage room, AND a radio station in the thrift shop. There was also a bunch of nazi propaganda. Daniel and I were both giving each other "WTF!" looks, and Daniel said, "Let's get the fuck outta here." And I said, "Okay! Let's go eat pizza, baby!" And he just smiled like an anime character and we ran away as fast as we could.

I'm afraid I'll meet someone like the gay thrift shop man.
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